Аптекарский Огород

Айдентика, Медицина
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«Aptekarsky Ogorod» — is a historical and cultural monument in Moscow, the oldest
botanical garden of Russia which was based by Peter I in 1706. In the project was used
a script type KAZIMIR — the contrast static antique font which was designed in 2015
by Yury Ostromentsky and Ilya Ruderman. It has a direct allusion to the Petrovsky civil font
used in Russia by Peter I in 1708. Using of this script in the project emphasizes the value
of historical heritage of the Botanical garden.
The Botanical Garden was a center of domestic science where plants were used
not only to prepare medicines, but also for training medical students in botany
as a future Russian doctors. The project concept basis on an image of the Victorian drugstores
and labels of medicines. Connected to the typographics and a botanical illustrations
they create the unique image of a Garden emphasizing a rich heritage and also
identifying the Garden among others.

Principle of Construction

ramka_1.jpg plakat.jpg banner.jpg vhod.jpg flowers_1.jpg cad.jpg paket_znazki.jpg gazeta_1.jpg gazeta.jpg komp.jpg
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